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Jan. 7, 2010 – Boxers Walk Away from $25 Million Each in Disagreement over Drug Testing Procedures

A boxing match between two of the world’s top boxers, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Manny Pacquiao, is canceled when they cannot agree on drug testing procedures leading up to the welterweight title fight.

In Dec. 2009, Mayweather accused Pacquiao of using performance enhancing drugs. Mayweather wanted both boxers to submit to random blood and urine tests in accordance with the protocol of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. The testing would have been beyond the requirements of the Nevada Athletic Commission, the agency responsible for drug testing for boxing matches in Nevada.

Pacquiao, who has never failed a drug test, agreed to give unlimited urine samples but believed that two blood samples would be sufficient to establish the lack of banned substances in his system.

The fight had the potential to be the highest-grossing boxing match in history, with each boxer estimated to earn $25 million for his participation.