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Dec. 2, 1991 – Former East German Swimming Coaches Admit to Two Decades of Doping

“The stunning domination of international swimming by East German women for nearly two decades was built upon an organized system of anabolic-steroid use, a group of 20 former East German coaches confirmed [on Dec. 2, 1991].

Their admission… is the latest evidence — and some of the most convincing — that senior sports administrators of the now-dissolved Communist state made performance-enhancing drugs a critical part of the training programs for the country’s elite athletes…

[T]hese latest admissions confirmed for years what rival coaches and athletes had always suspected, even though no East German swimmer was ever caught or penalized for drug use. The International Olympic Committee and other major international sports federations do not punish athletes retroactively without an admission by the athlete. As a result the athletes involved are in no danger of losing their medals or records.”