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Shaun Assael Biography

Senior writer for ESPN the Magazine
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“I think there should at least be a discussion about whether steroids, in some form, should be legalized in sports. I don’t say that we should do it, but I think the discussion would be worthwhile. Look: When steroids were criminalized in 1990, the AMA [the American Medical Association] sent a representative to testify before the Senate who said that steroids can be healthfully used, under a doctor’s supervision and in low doses. And, I think it’s possible to suggest that athletes, over a long season, might use low doses in a healthful manner, under a doctor’s supervision. But in this era of hysteria that we’re in, I’m not sure we can get to that conversation.”

Interview with Sports Letter,, Dec. 2007

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  • Senior writer, ESPN the Magazine, 2004-present
  • Contributing writer, Esquire, New York Times
  • Contributor, The Daily Beast website
  • Former New York City criminal justice reporter
  • BA, New York University (NYU), 1983
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