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Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“In spite of my skepticism that steroids cause suicide, I believe that teenage use of anabolic steroids is infinitely riskier than adult use of these drugs. Unlike adults, teenagers are undergoing radical and important developmental changes. The use of anabolic steroids could have persistent or permanent effects on the developing body and particularly the developing brain.

The side effects of steroids in adults, for the most part, tend to be transient and reversible. There is limited evidence published by the Melloni research group to suggest this isn’t the case with regard to brain development in teens. Even in the absence of more scientific information about the effects of steroids in teenagers, we should make our best efforts to reduce teenager steroid use in a rational, scientific approach to steroid education.”

“Teenage Cheerleader Uses Winstrol and Becomes Suicidal,”, Feb. 25, 2008

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