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Lou Gorman Biography

Former General Manager for the Boston Red Sox
Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“There is absolutely no question whatsoever that baseball has to take dramatic action to address the use of steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs, since the use of steroids is, in essence, cheating. Players who have used steroids or other drugs to increase and enhance their performances are cheating and they have created an unfair and illegal playing field.”

High and Inside: My Life in the Front Offices of Baseball, 2007

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Executive Consultant in Public Affairs, Boston Red Sox, 1993-present
  • Coordinator, Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame, 2002
  • General Manager, Boston Red Sox, 1984-1993
  • Inducted into the Kinston Professional Baseball Hall of Fame, 1985
  • Vice President of Player Personnel, New York Mets, 1981-1984
  • General Manager, Seattle Mariners, 1977-1980
  • Director of Player Development, Kansas City Royals, 1970-1976
  • Farm Director, Kansas City Royals, 1969
  • Farm Director, Baltimore Orioles, 1966-1967
  • Assistant Farm Director, Baltimore Orioles, 1964-1965
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  • His legal name is James G. Gorman
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