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Ken Davidoff Biography

New York Post baseball columnist
Now Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“Enough already with talk of how inducting players who used illegal performance-enhancing drugs will ‘ruin’ the Hall, or relax’ its standards… To the contrary, the Hall’s only chance of being saved from irrelevance, of gaining acquittal from the serious charge of selective outrage, is for these guys to gain their earned place. For the voters to understand that their mission is not to police player-on-player crimes, but rather to look after the consumer, who has never been impacted one iota by illegal PED usage.”

“My Crowded Hall of Fame Ballot, with No Regard for the ‘Sacred Place,”, Jan. 20, 2018

[Editor’s Note: Prior to his above Not Clearly Pro or Con position, Davidoff expressed a Con position as seen below.]

“I just don’t think we should reward players who used illegal PEDs…

I can’t think of a more beautiful indictment of this era than keeping all of the known guilty parties out of the Hall. And yes, that absolutely includes Bud Selig (whose HOF status is in the hands of the Veterans Commitee, rather than the BBWAA)…

No asterisks, please: I just want a lot of lonely induction days up in Cooperstown, and I want to have us explain to our descendants why the all-time home run leaders, the man who won more Cy Young Awards than anyone else and myraid other stars of the era aren’t enshrined. That too many people for too long didn’t do enough to stop what happened to our favorite game.”

“Illegal PED users and the Hall of Fame,” Newsday blog, Feb. 9, 2009

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  1. Should Baseball Players Who Have Used Banned Substances Be Voted into the Hall of Fame?