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Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“[T]here is a clear difference between steroids which gets you stronger and human growth hormone HGH which heals you. MLB needs to think about what [they’re] banning and take in consideration the health of [their] players. This can go out to all of the leagues in the professional sports business, especially high paid contact sports like football and hockey. HGH… can increase your recovery overall and… recovery speed. Star players who generate money and ticket stands… can get injured quickly. Human growth hormone is… highly recommendable if prescribed by a professional. Also… it can increase the muscle tissue and even make [muscles] stronger then before… Its positive effects can easily out weigh its side effects. In sports, it can be used to create a safe environment for contacts and injury extensions. If taken into consideration it can… extend careers in every sport.”

“Why Is HGH Illegal in Sports,” (accessed Dec. 22, 2008)


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