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Gary Cartwright Biography

Writer for Texas Monthly
Pro to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“Who among us hasn’t used performance enhancers, preferably with ice and an olive? Steroids, synthetic substances similar to testosterone, can be as benign as those that are commonly prescribed for allergies and as harmful as those that have sent many retired athletes into physical decline; as with any medication, the effect depends on the dose and frequency of use…

For the most part, however, the only thing certifiably bad about steroids is that they may improve athletic performance. Somehow we’ve decided that the only hardworking professionals who shouldn’t be permitted to enhance their performances are athletes. Amphetamines were staples in professional training rooms in the sixties and seventies…

Then there is the myth that steroids are turning players into freaks. Players have always been freaks. That’s what makes them so different from the rest of us. No normal person can throw a baseball 98 miles an hour. Normal people can’t run a slant-in and catch a football with a 250-pound linebacker waiting to cream them…

It is time to admit that not all steroids are dangerous and that every individual and every situation cannot be addressed with the same set of rigid rules. Instead of banning steroids, we should control them. Cool the hysteria; educate without scaring.”

“Truth and Consequences: Yes, Roger Clemens Is a Jerk. But Congress Shouldn’t Make a Federal Case Over Whether He Lied About Using Steroids,” Texas Monthly, Apr. 2008

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Writer, Texas Monthly, 1982-present
  • Recipient of the Headliner Club of Austin award for best magazine story, 2005
  • Articles published in Harper’s, Life, and Esquire
  • Recipient of a Dobie-Paisano Fellowship
  • Won the Texas Institute of Letters Stanley Walker Award for Journalism and the Carr P. Collins Award for nonfiction
  • Recipient of the Press Club of Dallas Katie Award for Best Magazine News Story, 1989
  • Finalist for a National Magazine Award in 1986
  • Former Sports Columnist, Dallas Morning News
  • Former Sports Reporter, Dallas Times Herald, 1960-1963
  • BA, Journalism, Texas Christian University, 1957
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