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Con to the question "Should Performance-Enhancing Drugs Be Accepted in Sports?"

“It’s also vital that teenagers regularly hear about why they shouldn’t be using APEDs [appearance- and performance-enhancing drugs]. To use them is cheating, they are illegal to possess without a prescription, and they can do serious damage to teens’ bodies and their minds. It’s a sad fact that if they play high school or college sports, these youth probably already know of someone who has taken APEDs. Don’t assume it’s someone else’s problem…

The current controversy over Major League Baseball players getting suspended can provide an opening for parents to broach the subject with their teens who may be at risk. The MLB’s example of cracking down on players and actively working to stop the spread of APEDs among its athletes can also help point to the seriousness of the issue and how more of us can do more to fight illegal steroid use.”

“Better at Any Cost: The Dangerous Intersection of Young People, Steroids, and the Internet,”, Oct. 7, 2013


“Digital Citizens is a consumer-oriented coalition focused on educating the public and policy makers on the threats that consumers face on the Internet and the importance for Internet stakeholders – individuals, government and industry – to make the Web a safer place. Based in Washington, DC, the Digital Citizens Alliance counts among its supporters: private citizens, the health, pharmaceutical and creative industries as well as online safety experts and other communities focused on Internet safety.”

“About the Digital Citizens Alliance,” (accessed Oct. 8, 2013)


“The Digital Citizens Alliance is made up of people, just like you, concerned about making the Internet a better and safer place for everyone. Our goal is simple: make the Internet

  • Free of dangerous drugs sold online to unsuspecting individuals.
  • Free of illegal movies, videos, and music that steal from our citizens.
  • Free of scams, including identity theft and misleading advertising.

The Digital Citizens Alliance will be an active voice in promoting a better and safer Internet, working with governments, policy makers, security experts, and the businesses that operate the Internet. We will carry your voice – that of the consumer – to ensure that the Internet is a place we can trust.”

“About the Digital Citizens Alliance,” (accessed Oct. 8, 2013)

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