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Absolute Creatine, LLC. Biography

Pro to the question "Should Performance Enhancing Drugs (Such as Steroids) Be Accepted in Sports?"

“On a personal note – many of the staff members at Absolute Creatine play basketball. We have been experimenting with taking a creatine serum supplement before the game. Our experience is that we have more energy and it has really helped in our ability to rebound and get second chance shots. Of course, this is not a scientific study – but we just figured we would share our success story.”

“Creatine as a Sports Supplement,” Absolute Creatine, LLC website, 2006


“Our hope is that by providing a place where people can come and learn about creatine – people will be able to make an educated decision on using creatine supplements.”

“About Absolute Creatine, LLC.,” Absolute Creatine, LLC website, 2006


“The goal of Absolute Creatine is simple – to provide unbiased information on creatine.”

“About Absolute Creatine, LLC.,” Absolute Creatine, LLC website, 2006

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