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"Should Performance Enhancing Drugs (Such as Steroids) Be Accepted in Sports?"
Summary of Positions

Pro Not Clearly Pro or Con (NC) Con None Found (?)
I. Individual 34 (14.9%) 59 (25.9%) 98 (43%) 37 (16.2%)
II. Organization 1 (2.1%) 2 (4.3%) 20 (42.6%) 24 (51.1%)

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I. Individual
- E -
Individuals Rating Position
Enamait, Ross   NC
Epstein, David   NC
- I -
Individuals Rating Position
Ivanova, Victoria   ?
- N -
Individuals Rating Position
Nadal, Rafael   Con
Nightengale, Bob   NC
Noakes, Timothy, MD, DSc     Con
- P -
Individuals Rating Position
Palmeiro, Raphael   Con
Perez, AJ   ?
Peters, Justin   ?
Pipe, Andrew, MD     Con
Pound, Richard, BCL     Con
- Q -
Individuals Rating Position
Quince, Annabelle   ?
- S -
Individuals Rating Position
Saletan, William   NC
Salleh, Anna, PhD     NC
Savulescu, Julian, PhD     Pro
Scherr, Jim, MBA     Con
Schifano, Fabrizio, MD, MRCPsych     Con
Schmidt, Kate   Pro
Schmidt, Michael S.   ?
Schmuck, Peter   Con
Schumer, Charles, JD     Con
Schwab, Greg   Con
Scott, Paul, JD     ?
Selig, Bud, Jr.     Con
Sey, Jennifer   Pro
Shipley, Amy   Con
Shuster, Sam, PhD     Pro
Silkstone, Dan   NC
Simmons, Bill   NC
Simon, Robert, PhD     Con
Singer, Emily, MA   ?
Singer, Peter, MA   NC
Skidmore, Greg, JD     Con
Skinner, James, MBA, PhD     NC
Slater, Matt   NC
Sokolove, Michael   NC
Sorensen, Deborah   Con
Sovndal, Shannon, MD     NC
Steinberg, Aaron   Pro
Stern, David J., JD     Con
Strasburger, Christian, MD     ?
- U -
Individuals Rating Position
Upshaw, Gene     Con
II. Organization
- D -
Organizations Rating Position
Digital Citizens Alliance   Con
- E -
Organizations Rating Position    ?
- G -
Organizations Rating Position
Gallup Poll   ?
- P -
Organizations Rating Position
Patient UK   Con
- T -
Organizations Rating Position
The Sunday Times   ?
- W -
Organizations Rating Position
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)   Con
- Y -
Organizations Rating Position
Young Men's Health   Con