Gary I. Wadler, MD, Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) Prohibited List and Methods Sub-Committee, was quoted as having said the following in a May 22, 2005 article published by the Los Angeles Times titled "Speed Still the Name of the Game for Some" and written by Steve Wilson, sports writer and columnist for the Associated Press:

“I’d like to ask these players if they know they’re taking a drug that has the capacity to kill them suddenly. And if they can’t relate to that, do they realize they’re taking a substance which is a first cousin of a drug [ephedra] that killed one of their colleagues named Steve Bechler. Now how do you justify taking it? So you don’t get tired? Give me a break. You’re bored? Well, if you’re that tired and that bored, then leave the sport…

[Sports] have to categorically ban amphetamines…They have to categorize it as a performance-enhancing drug, not as a drug of abuse, which has a different pathway of management. They’ve got to rid the game of it for health reasons, for violating the spirit of sport reasons, for legal reasons, for performance reasons.”

May 22, 2005