Tracey Crouch, Member of Parliament and UK Minister for Sport & Civil Society, in the Oct. 2017 foreword to "Review of Criminalisation of Doping in Sport," available at, stated:

“[A]t this current time, there is no compelling case to criminalise the act of doping in the UK. This also reflects the very strong consensus of those interviewed, including WADA. I am content with this conclusion and do not believe that the Government should take steps to criminalise doping.

These findings do not mean that those doping in sport will be immune from prosecution, as this is already captured by existing legislation through the Misuse of Drugs Act and the Medicines Act 1968, where the trafficking and supply of banned substances carries up to 14 years imprisonment.

While I am confident that the UK has an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework in place to help mitigate and address instances of doping, the Government will continue to take a strong stance in responding to any new developments or emerging threats.”

Oct. 2017