Sebastian Anthony, Editor of Ars Technica UK, in a July 11, 2017 article, "Evolution Can Only Take Us so Far: In Sports, Technology Is the Future," available at, stated:

“I’d like to propose a thought experiment: what would happen to competitive sports if their technological rules and regulations were almost completely gutted? What if golfers could use clubs shaped by evolutionary algorithms and fashioned out of exotic materials? What if Formula 1 teams could design their own engines from scratch, with their choice of displacement, fuel, and powertrain?

What if footballers could use special boots with a spring mechanism that stores kinetic energy in a spring and then releases it when the ball is struckā€”or more dramatically, how about a special set of spectacles that provide real-time shot advice and predicted ball trajectory overlays?

To keep things fair, you could still have a budget cap, or a league could have a central pool of money that it divvies out to the teams.

In short, what if professional sports exemplified science, technology, and engineering in addition to biological human performance?”

July 11, 2017