Ross Enamait, sports performance consultant, trainer of professional fighters, and author, wrote in an email to on Dec. 27, 2008:

“I am not against the use of performance enhancing supplements (assuming they are legal). Based on personal experience and observation however, I do not find stimulants to be useful when taken prior to competition. By competition, I mean boxing or other combat based sports (ex. MMA). This is particularly true for longer duration bouts, such as 12 round title fights. As a trainer, I deal exclusively with fighters, so this is the audience I am addressing with these comments. In other sporting events, the use of certain stimulants could potentially prove useful…

In this industry, there will almost always be an ‘it depends’ kind of answer to these questions. The use of various supplements depends on the competition, the needs of the individual, etc. New supplements hit the market every week. If a new energy supplement comes out that proves useful (and was legal), I would certainly recommend it. I am only concerned with what works.

As for illegal supplements, it isn’t the job of the athlete or trainer to determine what is or is not legal. It is however the responsibility of these parties to abide by the rules. Whether or not illegal performance enhancing drugs are useful is irrelevant in my opinion. The rules must be enforced or why bother having rules at all? We must at least attempt to create a level playing field. Performance should be based on who is the superior athlete, not who has the best pharmacist.”

Dec. 27, 2008