Ricky O'Donnell, Basketball Editor at SB Nation, in a Dec. 4, 2020 article, "The NBA’s Weed Testing Should Be Abolished Forever," available at, stated:

“The NBA should take marijuana off the banned substance list altogether.

The benefits of cannabis for athletes are well documented at this point. It can help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and soreness, and improve sleep. It offers a safe, natural way for athletes to rest and recover, and comes without the dangerous side effects and addictive qualities of prescription pain killers.

If the NBA wants to be as progressive as it likes to think of itself, removing cannabis from the banned substance list is a very easy place to start. It’s a move that would be welcomed by the players and generate very little blowback from fans or advertising partners. Suspending random testing for this year is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t go far enough.”

Dec. 4, 2020