Phil Taylor, MA, Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated, in his Oct. 10, 2007 article "Collateral Damage: Jones's Lies Shouldn't Wipe Away Her Teammates' Work" on, wrote:

“They are collateral damage, innocent (at least as far as we know) bystanders hit by the fallout from Marion Jones’s bombshell. Their names are Jearl Miles-Clark, Monique Hennagan, La Tasha Colander-Richardson, Andrea Anderson, Nanceen Perry and Passion Richardson. They are the track stars who had the misfortune of being Jones’s relay teammates during the 2000 Olympics, the Olympics in which Jones now admits that she competed with the help of performance-enhancing drugs…

Strike the names of Jones and her teammates from the Olympic record books. That’s necessary and unavoidable because of the way they got there. But as for the medals, leave them in the hands of the women who put in years of clean, honest work in pursuit of them. Jones’s teammates deserve to keep what they have earned. It’s only fair, when they have had so much more taken from them.”

Oct. 10, 2007