Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic gold medal sprinter and former relay teammate of Jerome Young and Antonio Pettigrew during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, in the June 3, 2008 USA Today article "Michael Johnson: Why Drugs Cheat Shamed Me Into Handing Back Olympic Relay Gold Medal," wrote:

“As for the gold medal I won with Antonio, and Alvin and Calvin Harrison, who have all admitted to or have tested positive for drugs since 2000 when we won the medal, I’m sure that there will be calls for us to give it back. I’m not sure what will happen with that effort, but I know that the medal was not fairly won and that it is dirty, and so I have moved it from the location where I have always kept my medals because it doesn’t belong there. And it doesn’t belong to me. So, as difficult as it is, I will be returning it to the International Olympic Committee because I don’t want it. I feel cheated, betrayed and let down.”

June 3, 2008