Jim Scherr, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of the US Olympic Committee (USOC), was quoted in the Oct. 20, 2004 ESPN online sports article "USOC to Challenge Rescinding of Medals" by the Associate Press, as having stated:

“We definitely want to protect the medals for the rest of the relay team…Jerome [Young] ran in a preliminary, the contest was not decided in that preliminary race. We think they earned those medals in the final.”

[Editor’s Note: In the 2004 case of Jerome Young’s disqualification for using performance enhancing drugs, Jim Scherr opposed the position that Young’s 2000 Sydney Olympic Games 4x400m relay teammates should return their medals because Young only ran in a preliminary race. However, in 2008, Scherr supported the position that the same teammates should return their medals because another member of the team Antonio Pettigrew admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, and Pettigrew ran in the final race that earned the team the gold medal.] Oct. 20, 2004