Robert L. Simon, PhD, Marjorie and Robert W. McEwen Professor of Philosophy at Hamilton College, stated the following in a Dec. 7, 2004 live internet chat with online readers titled "Drugs in Sports: Robert Simon," published by

“I would argue that prohibition [of steroids] is justified because (1) steroid use makes little sense if everyone uses; gains are minimal and everyone is exposed to the risks, (2) how your body reacts to a steroid is not an athletic talent like running or hitting, and (3) it’s worth protecting the ideal of sport as a healthy pursuit. Critics might reply that it is better to give people choices, but I would give greater weight to protecting the idea of sport as a healthy pursuit where the rules make sense when applied to everyone and that we focus on athletic ability, not how one’s body reacts to a drug.”

Dec. 7, 2004