Eric Walker, retired sports consultant for the Oakland A's, stated the following opinion in his Steroids And Baseball website (accessed Dec. 3, 2008):

“There is simply no plausible case, ethical or practical, to be made for prohibiting [steroid] use, not in law, not in sports-organization codes…

It is supposed to be a basic tenet of any society daring to call itself ‘free’ that it is not to regulate conduct that is not risky to those not willingly accepting the risk…many would say that it ought not even to regulate conduct that is risky unless that risk is material.

The various ‘risks’ ignorantly (or deliberately) assigned to [steroid] use are by and large specious. In sum, there are medical risks, but of nothing remotely like the variety or severity commonly suggested. In reality, they are unlikely, usually minor, and almost universally reversible.”

Dec. 3, 2008