Jason Barker, PhD, nutraceutical and sports medicine industry consultant, wrote the following information in an article titled "The Adverse Role of Stimulants in Sports" published by the Gleukos website (accessed Dec. 4, 2008), a sports organization that promotes fitness and natural products:

“The use of stimulants to enhance athletic potential is unacceptable. Numerous beverages are marketed to consumers (and athletes) that contain actual stimulants and other ingredients that have purported stimulant effects because they believe athletes will use whatever they can in hopes of fighting fatigue or obtaining an extra boost despite that countless sporting organizations blatantly object to the use of any stimulant, in any form in athletic training and competition.

Consuming so-called ‘energy enhancers’ will never make up for proper training, diet, rest and commitment. Performance results from intense training and the proper combination of dietary strategies with adequate rest and recovery. Chances are if one feels the need to consume a stimulant, that urge is there to compensate for other shortcomings in training and dedication. Optimal energy stores are obtained by consuming the right diet, staying hydrated, and allowing enough time for recovery.”

Dec. 4, 2008