Deborah Sorensen, former US professional bodybuilder, was quoted as having said the following in an article titled "A Female Steroid User Describes Drug Hell!" published on the Athletes Against Steroids website (accessed Dec. 8, 2008):

“Part of being an athlete is that you become vulnerable to the whim of every trainer, coach, media person, promoter, and sponsor. They want freaks. So you set out to be a freak or go unnoticed. The things you are willing to do for success are humiliating to think about.

I was a hard, suspicious, neurotic woman while I was taking steroids. That just isn’t me. I’ve seen marriages dissipate, families break up and financial security dissolve because of these drugs. I’ve seen men go on a cycle of [steroids] with the money they’d saved for their children’s clothes, and I’ve watched innocent victims get thrown across a bar room for no reason by men who haven’t the ability to control their aggression while using [steroids]. I’ve watched happy, energetic and positive guys go from Dr. Jeckyl to Mr. Hyde, and I’ve seen petite women turn into hulking no-neck bearded monsters with acne all over their backs and shoulders…

[I] hope that at least one person will decide not to use steroids…or a few people in the same situation will become aware, as I did, and stop before their tragedy comes back to haunt them.”

Dec. 8, 2008