BJJ Heroes, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu publication, in an undated editorial, "Are Steroids a Necessary Evil in Grappling?," available at and accessed on Apr. 14, 2021, stated:

“Doping [steroid use] is a great health risk, arguably not as dangerous as media tends to portray it, but still a very noticeable impact on an adult’s health and longevity. If someone is using, everyone else just has to use to stay competitive. Combat sports athletes are expected to take risks, their whole career is an assault on the body, however, when an athlete chooses to take PEDs, particularly harder substances, he is adding another layer of risk which may deeply diminish his quality of life in old age or outright shorten his lifespan. To ‘open the gates’ of drug use in sports, meaning, removing the ethical component, will invariably force clean athletes to become users or render themselves obsolete and, expect to have current users doubling down on their resources.”

Apr. 14, 2021