Patrick Pinak, writer at, stated in his Sep. 16, 2019 article titled "Barry Bonds Belongs in the Hall of Fame. No Question," available at

“Barry Bonds deserves to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He does. You can’t keep the greatest player ever out of the game’s museum of best players… Bonds, whose career was clouded with steroid and performance-enhancing drug allegations, most certainly deserves enshrinement in the Hall.

It’s silly to pretend Bonds isn’t the single greatest power hitter in the modern era. He crushed a Major League-record 762 home runs and is baseball’s disputed home run king. He earned more walks than anyone in the history of the game, because he’s the most feared hitter to ever live… He won the 1990 and 1992 National League Most Valuable Player award with the Pirates. Bonds hit more than 30 home runs, stole more than 30 bases and hit higher than .300 in each of those seasons. It was clear that even before the steroid allegations he was a rare talent heading for superstardom.”

Sep. 16, 2019